Different cultures have different gender rules in the

Man in a Kilt

sense that some garments of their tradition are more typically known to belong to a individual gender.

Typically in the Western Culture women are seen to wear skirts and dresses and men wear trousers with suits. In comparison to this males in Scotland tend to wear kilts which are a skirt like garment. This is something that they are well known for.

Cultures not included in the Western World, such as middle Eastern cultures, naturally have different clothing guidelines. For instance, Arabic men wear Thawb’s which can also be known as a traditional robe which in the western society could be perceived as a dress.

Man in a Thawb


Religion is a domineering reason to dress modestly. Islamic women wear Burqa’s to cover up completely whilst in public. Headscarves known as Hijab’s are also worn to cover their head as it is seen as a sign of modesty and their faith.

A lot of people in the western culture are not so modest. A great example of this is Miley Cyrus who nowadays is

Miley Cyrus

known for her controversy and scandalist outfits in the public limelight. Whilst undercover on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Miley spoke to passers by in LA. One unknown female stated that “she lost her mind in the Hollywood madness”, another male stated “I would love to see that” after she had suggested Miley Cyrus host the VMA’s naked.

These things have all had an impact on Gendered Clothing across Cultures.




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