Fashion Revivals


Our wardrobes are constantly influenced by past eras.

Fashion revivals- The 90s:

The 90s fashion is said to be making a come back almost 20 years after. Examples of this is flannel shirts, snapbacks, vintage basketball trainers (Nike blazers) and chinos.

Nike Blazers- similar to the 90s basketball shoes.

Seventies Fashion:

This years Spring/Summer collection showed a revival of the 70s. Laura Weir wrote in Vogue ( Return to Retro-December 23rd 2014) ‘judging by spring/summer

mui mui crop tops
Mui Mui, Spring/Summer 2015.

2015’s nostalgic wander through the archives, fashion is primed to do a fierce trade in memories this season, right back to the Seventies’. She also stated that this isn’t the first nor he second time the 70s fashion has revived. Judging by that statement I’m sure last summer won’t be the last time the 70s style will revive. Last summer included the return of rose tinted glasses and knitted crop tops (showcased by Mui Mui).



Daytime Delpozo:

Colours- Red, turquoise, green, camel, tan, pink and orange.

Prints- Tartan and florals

Key Items- Shift dress, blazer, wide trousers, wrap coat.



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