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Critical Contextual Studies (CCS), at the beginning of the year felt a little bit like a waste of time, the lectures and the seminars didn’t make sense to me and I could not understand how they were relevant to my course. Over the first term it became apparent how wrong I was.

At first, as i have never made a blog before, I found the idea of making one daunting. It was when I eventually started the blogs that the relevance and importance of the lectures and seminars came into play. Considering how uncomfortable I was about making a blog, the notes I took from the lectures and the seminars really helped me to establish a structure for each post.

My favourite post is the Chatsworth House post. I have always love history but the best part about Chatsworth history, in terms of why I like it so much, is the connection the house and the Cavendish family have to Chiswick (where I am from).

I quite enjoyed writing the blogs, which was unexpected. I think this is because it opened my eyes to the extent of ethical issues that surround the world of fashion. I had no idea about the problems that arise around the production of cotton before I created the blog post ‘Ethical Issues Surrounding Your Wardrobe’.

I also never gave much thought to how often trends revive. CCS was helpful in giving me the initiative to actually research and look into things I never really thought I would. I think this overall experience will help me greatly when it comes to the next few years I will spend at DMU studying contour fashion.

In conclusion, I found CCS to be a lot more influential than I first thought and ultimately I believe it widened my knowledge in the fashion field. Doing this blog will prove to be very valuable to me over the next few years.

Chatsworth House


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